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The AMPTS at work

The AMPTS at work

Since 2011, the AMPTS II system developed by the Swedish manufacturer Bioprocess Control has been marketed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands exclusively by Weber Entec. AMPTS stands for Automatic Methane Potential Test System.

In particular, the “fully automatic” characteristic convinced Weber Entec so strongly, that the company itself uses two of these devices in its own laboratory. The AMPTS II is the fastest and most precise system anywhere in the world for carrying out a batch test. Since 2011, every disintegration plant installed by Weber Entec has been accompanied by an extensive batch test. This allows the ideal operating point, adapted to the characteristics of the specific biogas plant, to be determined and then configured. Since 2011, Weber Entec has continuously extended its research department, and to date has assessed more than 400 substrate samples through batch tests.