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Jühnde, Bioenergy village

Jühnde, Bioenergy village

Jühnde is the first bioenergy village in Germany and even worldwide. Heat and power demand is produced by a renewable energy biogas plant as well with photovoltaik technology.

It was founded in 2005 and attracted the attention of the world with the unique idea. Until now, 30.000 interested visitors came to Jühnde. Just in Germany 150 villages followed this example.
After 10 years of operation it was time to update the plant on the latest state of technology and to make the most of the opportunities of the EEG. The company ETS Economic Trading Solutions GmbH developed a sustainable end-to-end concept called “Jühnde-Bioenergiedorf 2.0″. The first step of the overall concept was the installation of the ultrasound disintegration plant from Weber Entec in September 2015.

Increased efficiency thanks to Weber Entec
Weber Entec was hired to to meet the new requirements and to get the optimum out of the substrate. The plant technology effects a better exploitation of the used substrates resp. a higher gas production, it improves the viscosity of the biomass, decreases the energy consumption for stirring and reduces the wear on all pump- and stirring aggregates.

Verification of the guaranteed success
Because of the strong qualitative and quantitative fluctuation of the substrate-mixture of the biogas plant the plant operator required two batch tests for proof of success. One has to be performened at an independent laboratory and the other one directly at the biogas plant in a mobile laboratory.
Substrate was taken directly after commissioning, both before and after the ultrasound disintegration plant. After that the methane gas production was measured and the increase in efficiency determined by comparing of the untreated and treated samples.
Both experiments showed an increase of the methane gas production of approx. 15% for the at the optimum set ultrasound samples. So the guaranteed performance increase was clearly surpassed. Picture 1 showes the methane gas curves for the untreated and with three different ultrasound treated samples.



Pic 1: Accumulated methane gas production [Nml] averaged


Proof of long-term success of the ultrasound disintegration plant
In June 2016 the open house day will take place. For own interest and to have the positive results reconfirmed again, the plant operator instructed a new bacht test 5 month after commissioning the disintegration plant. He also wanted to find out, if the effect of the disintegration plant is of lasting existence. The batch test showed an increased yield of the ultrasound treated samples of 15.9% in comparison to the untreated one. These results show the long-term success of the ultrasound disintegration plant.

Conclusion of the operator
Mr. Fangmeier, board member and speaker of the biogasplant Jühnde:
„The biology never has been as active as now. The flow properties are significantly better after installation of the ultrasound disintegration plant.“